The sufficiency of Scripture is THE PRIMARY issue that churches across American are grappling with today. How much influence and authority should Scripture have in our lives? On May 1-3, we will take a weekend as a church (es) to study in greater detail how our belief in the sufficiency of Scripture fleshes itself out in our daily lives and in the life of our church. We will sing together. We will study Scripture together. And we will think deeply together about how to practically live out the sufficiency of Scripture. 

Speaker: Tanner Swinford

Music: Jared Smith

We will have breakout sessions Saturday afternoon discussing the sufficiency of Scripture in the following areas: worship, evangelism, prayer life, when troubles come, and in discerning salvation in our kids. 

On Saturday, you can bring your own lunch or we will order Jason's Deli boxes for $10. Please call the church office at 387-7584 to order one.